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Safety Brake And Clutch

There are a number of things that can go wrong with your car, but when it comes to your brakes and clutch, it’s a risk to your life to neglect them. We specialise in speedy and reliable brake repair and clutch repair services, for manual transmission cars.

If the severity of the problem with your brakes and clutch is beyond repair, we do brake replacement and clutch replacement. For smaller jobs, we’ve developed our Quick Fit service to do the replacement or repairing of brakes and clutches while you wait.

So have you checked your brakes and clutch recently? Will you be safe if you need to stop suddenly at higher speeds? We’ve put together a couple of things you need look out for – for your safety.

If your pedals fail to release, this may indicate a faulty master cylinder.

Noisy brakes indicate the possibility of worn brake pads and linings. Get it checked immediately and have your brakes replaced.

If your car veers to the side when you brake, this may be a simple matter of adjusting your tyre pressure or it may be an issue with the braking system calipers.

A pulsating brake indicates that the brake discs/drums are out of alignment, which can lead to accelerated wear in the braking system and uneven tyre wear. A simple brake repair or replacement can save you from dealing with more complicated issues later.

If your brake pedal feels spongy after heavy use, this could indicate that your break fluid is old and developed moisture in it. Change your brake fluid when necessary, read more.

If your car is displaying a warning sign, get it checked immediately; your brakes could be near total failure. 

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Are your brakes trying to tell you something?



Noisy brakes indicate the possibility of warn brake pads or linings.



Noisy brakes indicate the possibility of warn brake pads or linings.



If your car veers or pulls to one side when you braking.


If your brakes grab or lock with only light pressure.


Smoother gears


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