From brake services to hub replacement and everything in between, if you’re looking to discover what we do as a business, look no further than our name.

As Safety Brake & Clutch, we specialise in exactly that: assuring your safety by taking care of your car’s brake and clutch system. Our business is three-fold, operating as a fitment centre, a machine shop, and a parts shop. So whether you’re coming in to get a part that you know how to fix yourself, or whether you’re car mechanics isn’t your expertise and you prefer us to do the job in its entirety, we are there to service you.

The advantage of getting your car’s brake and clutch system fixed with us is that we do not use middlemen for the different processes in fixing your problem. We source your car parts directly from manufacturers and everything from start to finish is done on or premises by our knowledgeable staff.

What we can do for you Book a service with us if you have any of these things attended to:

  • Brake calliper service
  • Brake pad replacement
  • Brake pipe replacement
  • Brake shoe bonding
  • Disc replacement
  • Disc skimming
  • Drum skimming
  • Flywheel skimming
  • Hub replacement
  • LUB service oil change
  • New/recon clutch replacement
  • Pilot bearing replacement
  • Wheel cylinders replacement
  • Wheel bearings replacement




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